DE ECO SR HYGIENE SDN BHD is an environmental technology company, incorporated in the year 2020 in Penang. DE ECO SR HYGIENE SDN BHD specializes in promoting advanced technology for environmental and health improvements. We provide nano-coating solution to disinfect surfaces, removes VOC and purifies the air.

We spend 80- 90% of our time indoors- be it at home, in the office, in hospital or in schools. But do you know that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air? Do you know most of the diseases transmitted via air or surface? If this is taken care off, we can stay healthy.

Most indoor pollutants are caused by building materials or activities indoor. It emits dangerous substance at surface and into the air. This particulate matter commonly affects people’s health and this has been proven by the surge in death and diseases related to the respiratory system and infection.

DE ECO SR HYGIENE SDN BHD provides resolutions towards a healthy and hygienic indoor environment that is vital for human health.  Our technology helps to disinfect the surfaces to be hygienically clean and purifies the air you breathe. Recently, we have ventured into antimicrobial polymer composites technology where the various plastic household or office products can be made. Hence, a total solution provider for hygiene environment and plastic products are offered by us.

As market leaders in the use of modern remediation technologies, we deliver workable and practical solutions to resolve chemical and biological contaminants issues in the building. Our team professionally plans and executes all stages in a project to provide an environmentally compliant and cost-effective solution. We pride ourselves on building an excellent reputation for delivering projects safely on time.