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Cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance to the hotel industry today.

Hygiene problems can arise from contamination of food in kitchens, cigarette smoke and odors from carpets/curtains, stains and mold from bathrooms.

Adopting new technology and constantly upgrading the hygiene standards are common approaches taken by the management of all hotels as it has become one of the key factors for travelers when deciding on their choice of accommodation.

Source of Contaminants

• Fungus in kitchens and bathrooms
• Cigarette smoke in hotel rooms
• Formaldehyde from paint, carpets and furniture
• Food storage

Effects of Exposure

Food contamination and wastage

• Unpleasant odors
• Allergies, cough and wheezing
• Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat
• Unpleasant customer experience

Our Solution

•    Removes odor from rooms and dining areas
•    Reduces and inhibits the growth of fungus or mold
•    Provides better resistance to stains
•    Easier to clean surfaces in the bathrooms
•    Reduces the chances of contamination of food
•    Keeps the dining room surfaces hygienically clean
•    Increases revenue opportunity by utilizing smoking rooms for non-smokers
•    An overall pleasant and superior customer experience

EcoDifesa provides hygienically clean rooms for customers

Key Areas of Application
● Smoking Rooms ● Presidential Suites ● Bars/Clubs ● Reception Counter ● Meeting Rooms ● Fabric Sofas/Curtains
● Kitchen ● Food Storage ● Fine Dine/Dining Areas ● Catering Services ● Cafeterias ● Banquet Halls